Adventures of a black dude: Religious girl I dated in college only had anal sex


This girl Stacey was in my algebra class freshman year of college. I sat right beside her and used to try to flirt with her and get her to give me answers. She always acted kind of shy about it, but seemed kind of into it. It made it feel like a challenge to me, so I kept on throughout the semester. I would always ask her at the end of class when she was going to let me take her out to dinner. She would just laugh and say, “Not sure. I’ll think about it” while she smiled and blushed. Finally one day towards the end of the semester when I asked her she said, “okay, you can take me out on Friday.” I was so used to her saying no that I did a double take when she said yes.

Stacey had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 5’6” and played soccer, so she was in good shape. Had nice legs and a nice round ass and decent sized tits. She had a face that was really cute. Just naturally pretty and didn’t wear make-up much, but could look smokin hot when she had on make-up. I took her out that Friday night and she looked damn good. She was a lot more made up than she usually was in class, so I got a little nervous. We went to dinner and she was real shy. She seemed real traditional and kind of like a goody goody. I didn’t really know her well even though we talked some in class. The more I talked to her at dinner I realized she grew up in a heavily religious family. It seemed like she wasn’t totally into the religious stuff, but she didn’t really know anything else I guess. I wondered if she felt weird being out with a black dude (3/4 black ¼ Puerto Rican to be exact). She didn’t really act weird about it, but I wonder if that’s why she took so long to say yes. Just the kind of shit I think about. I’ve just had too many parents not be cool with me dating their daughters or girls try to hide that we hook up to not think about it.

After dinner we headed back to campus and I walked her to her dorm room. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and that was that. I left thinking she wasn’t really that into me. I figured she just went to dinner with me to be nice since I kept asking. I was surprised when she texted me about 15 minutes later telling me how good of a time she had and that she was going to make me take her out again. I guess I sucked at reading her signals. We hung out about 7 times over the next two weeks and nothing sexual happened at all. We would go eat dinner or just chill at one of our dorms or just go for walks, but definitely nothing sexual. I started thinking I was getting in the friend zone, but she gave me a kiss on the lips the last time we hung out, so I thought that was at least some progress. I was thinking around that time that I didn’t know if I could stick it out much longer with nothing happening. I mean I’m not one of those dudes that gets pissed if a girl doesn’t immediately start putting out, but if it’s going to take 5 months before I see your tits I’m probably not going to stick around. I’m a dude that loves sex, so I have to get it at some point.

The next time we hung out was on a weekend. We went out to dinner and I wanted to go to a party after, but she didn’t drink so she wasn’t as into it as I was. We went anyway and I got kind of drunk. She walked me back to my dorm room and we started kissing and making out in my room. I was surprised and didn’t want to push it too far, so I tried to just let her go as far as she wanted. I put my hands on her tits and grabbed her ass a little, which I could tell she liked, but she grabbed my hands and pulled them away. We kept kissing and finally she said she needed to go. This girl was giving me blue balls big time. Was killing me, but I liked her and wanted to see where things went. She sent me a text about 30 minutes after she left and apologized for being a prude. I told her she wasn’t being a prude and not to worry about it. She said, we can talk about it next time. I said we didn’t have to talk about it that it wasn’t a big deal. She said she wanted to talk about it (sex) in general, because she said I was probably frustrated with her. I said we can talk about whatever she wants.

We hung out again a couple of days later. She came over to my dorm and we were just chilling. She said, sooo about my text. Her face was real red and she was uncomfortable. She said, I don’t want you to think I’m not a sexual person. She said, I am trust me I really am I just grew up with certain boundaries and I’m not the kind of girl to sleep around or anything and I try to make that clear when I get involved with anyone. I don’t have much experience dating at all and just like to take things slow right at first. I told her it was totally cool with me and we didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want or anything. She said, I do want to do things. I just wanted to make sure I could trust you and I think I can. She said, I can right? I said, yeah for sure. I’m not trying to do you wrong.

We started making out after that and I felt on her tits. She was letting me feel them this time and even took her shirt off. I took her bra off and was rubbing her nipples. She was freaking out, in a good way, just real sensitive and getting really turned on. She put her hand on the bulge in my pants and grabbed up and down it. She said, oh baby that’s so big (if you haven’t read my past stories my cock is about 10 ½ inches). She looked up at me and said, I can trust you right? I said, yeah of course. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. I pulled my underwear down and she stroked my cock with both hands. She stroked and licked my cock. Finally she gave in and took it in her mouth. She closed her eyes and began sucking hard up and down about half of my cock. She would take my cock out of her mouth and say Oh my god baby. She always said that. That was like her go to phrase or something. She kept sucking and sucking, but would only go down about halfway. She finally started trying to go down further, but didn’t make it very much further before I felt my cock hit her throat. She got up from the floor and knelt beside me on my bed and continued sucking me. I reached down and tried to rub her pussy, but she moved my hand and shook her head. I took that as a sign we weren’t having sex. She just kept at it and kept at it. She would take a break from sucking sometimes and just stroke my cock. About ten minutes later while my cock was in her mouth I felt like I was about to start cumming. I told her I was about to cum and she just started sucking harder. I felt it and then boom I started unloading my cum in her mouth. She started moaning as my cum filled her mouth. After the last of it shot out she removed her mouth and swallowed.

She asked me after if I liked it. I said, hell yeah I liked it. She said, do you promise? I said, yes. She seemed worried I wasn’t into it or something. She said, good I want to do it again later. I was thinking whattttt. This girl went from no sex to wanting to suck my dick twice in one day. I was like, alright. So, yeah she sucked my dick again before she left that night. The crazy thing was that she was way into it. She wasn’t just doing it because she thought I would like her more or something. I could tell she was just a genuinely really horny girl. Every time we hung out after that for the next few weeks she sucked my dick at least once, a lot of times twice.

Over those few weeks things progressed to where she would suck my dick while she was completely naked, but wouldn’t let me finger her or anything. Her body was so fucking smoking hot naked. Was hard to resist touching her more than she let me. She would let me grab her ass and tits, but that was about it. Finally, she talked to me one day and told me she is saving herself for marriage, but that she has done a certain kind of sex before with her ex and she really wanted to do it with me. I was like…okay, explain. I didn’t know what in the hell she was going to say. I thought there was some weird kind of religious sex I didn’t know about or something. She kept hinting around and didn’t want to say it. She seemed embarrassed. She kept telling me to guess. I finally said, ..your ass? She shook her head yes. My eyes lit up. I was just thinking damn. I’d heard about girls like this, but never really met one. Religious girls who somehow see anal sex as a way of preserving their virginity. It doesn’t seem logical to me, but fuck it ain’t my concern really. I was just like,…alright cool. I asked her if she thought she could actually handle my size. She said, I don’t know honestly, but I want to give it a shot.

She told me to order lube and we could try later in the week. I was just like god damn I can’t believe this girl. I never knew what to expect with her for sure. We had been dating for a couple of months by then and she had asked me the week before if I considered us boyfriend and girlfriend. I said I did. I wasn’t hooking up with anyone else and didn’t want to. I think that’s why she trusted me to take this next step.

I ordered lube on Amazon and it came in the mail a couple days later. I texted her and told her I had it. She came over to my dorm a few hours later. We started making out and messing around a little. She ended up naked and sucking my cock again. She stopped and said, do you have it? I said, yeah. I grabbed it out of the box beside the bed. I squirted some of the lube on her ass and started rubbing it. She kept sucking my cock. I was trying to be gentle and slid my finger in her ass. She started moaning and she grabbed her ass cheek to spread her ass apart further. I worked my way up to three fingers in her ass and I was surprised she never seemed uncomfortable at all. She took it and just moaned louder the more I fingered her ass. She said, try to put it in baby. She got up on the bed on all fours. I got behind her and rubbed lube all over my cock. I squirted more lube on her ass too. I pressed my cock against her asshole and it slipped a little and almost went in her pussy. She said, be careful. I was like thinking what the fuck. This situation is backwards as hell. She was the only girl who has ever let me fuck her in the ass, so this was crazy to anyway. I pressed against her ass again. Finally the head of my cock slid in. She screamed out in pain. She was breathing heavy and told me to stop. Her ass was tight as fuck and was squeezing hard on my cock. We just sat there with the head in for a few moments and she finally said, just take it out. She said, just wait a second. She was breathing heavy and said, okay try again. We got to the same point with just the head in and we had to stop again. I was thinking like fuck this is never going to work. I figured we just weren’t ever going to get to do it. We tried again later that day, but it wasn’t working. She said, I promise it will work baby we will keep trying.

We kept trying for like a week every time we hung out and we made some progress. We got to where I could get a few inches in, but she couldn’t take much in and out. We kept working up and working up and finally after a few more times I was sliding my cock in and out of her ass at a slow pace. Her ass looked sexy as fuck with my cock in it. It was stretched to the max, but she was taking it. I could get about six inches in before I couldn’t push in further because of the girth. Over the next few times we finally got to where I could fuck her ass at a good pace. She could actually take it better when she was laying on her back with her legs over my shoulders. It was also the first time I was able to keep going until I finished. My cock was deep in her ass and she just kept saying keep going keep going baby that feels so good. I kept going and going sliding my cock in and out of her tight white ass. I told her I was about to cum and then started unloading in her ass.

She told me she loved me after that first time I finished in her. I wasn’t shocked, but it caught me off guard. I felt the same way really. We dated for about 6 months after that. I can honestly say she was the horniest girl I ever dated. It’s just crazy, because she was seemingly the most innocent and religious and seemed like a prude at first. I fucked her in the ass almost every time we hung out for the next six months, sometimes multiple times in a day and it wasn’t even instigated by me most of the time. She was just really damn horny all the time. She is also to this day the only girl who has ever been able and willing to let me fuck her ass. I still don’t know how she was able to handle it like she did, but she got damn good at it. She got to where it didn’t take much time for her to get used to it at all and to where she could take it pretty hard. I feel like I probably stretched her out and ruined it for future boyfriends, but oh well.

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